Yahoo Screen

Viewing content online is fast becoming the top choice among consumers, with sites like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix all increasing in popularity over recent years. Yahoo is now hoping to get into the mix as the company has gone and revamped its online video site, now called Yahoo Screen.

Sporting a new carousel look, Yahoo Screen has been completely revamped to make consuming online video content, which includes thousands of original and licensed video clips, more intuitive. Previously, viewers had to search Yahoo’s many different outlets in order to find the correct video. The company hopes that the changes will make it the “premier digital media company” as more and more people turn to the internet for video content.

The objective is to make it easy for me to watch and be entertained, said David Rice, Yahoo vice president of media properties.

The new revamp is following hot on the heels of an announcement that will see Yahoo feature more ABC content, and even see jointly produced content between the two on Yahoo Screen.

Yahoo has already announced eight new original programs all aimed at reaching a female audience, covering such subjects as relationship, food and entertainment. The eight programs will be short in length, about three minute segments, which is no doubt designed to compete with YouTube.

That’s not all. Yahoo Screen will also offer full television shows, like Modern Family and CSI and content from websites like Funny or Die.

With New York’s Advertising Week underway, Yahoo is hoping its new video content service will be more attractive to brands as well.

When you it add up, we have the largest library of premium content. The problem, however, has been that if you go out and ask consumers and advertisers who’s the leader in video, rarely would they say Yahoo, said Rice.

Currently, Yahoo Screen is only available on laptops and desktops, but plans of mobile availability is in the works.

With the popularity of YouTube, Hulu and Netflix so high, do you expect Yahoo Screen to make an impact?

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