Yahoo took the stage in New York City today—the site of its new headquarters—and discussed the future of Flickr. The company said that it wanted to re-focus Flickr on photos again, instead of on all of the clutter that surrounds pictures on the current interface. As a result, Adam Cahan, Yahoo’s senior vice president of mobile engineering and emerging products, and his team decided to take the task head on. His focus? Revamping the Android tablet and smartphone app in addition to a new Web interface.

Flickr now focuses entirely on full resolution photos. Yahoo said that it’s providing users with a stunning 1 terabyte of storage; that’s unmatched by any other company in the industry. “If you took a photo every single hour of every day it would take you over 61.5 years to fill that TB,” Cahan said during the press conference.

Both the Android and the Web applications focus entirely on the photos presented, sort of the way Instagram does, and there’s a lot less reliance on the “blue text” that used to litter the old interface. Every user has a home page with a stream, in addition to “favorites” and photo sets. Similar to Facebook’s home page, there’s also a cover photo at the top of each user page. There’s also an area for other users to comment on your photos and quick access to other communities, the ability to explore photos, create slideshows and upload your own pictures.

You can check out the new Flickr by visiting now.