Marissa mayer reviews

Marissa Mayer doesn't fool around.

In addition to helming the big picture guidance of Yahoo as its new CEO, the former Googler also dives into the nitty grittier aspects of management. Her new policies run the gamut, from offering free meals and bestowing free iPhones, to demanding longer working hours and a sped-up pace of product development cycles.

Now, according to a source cited by Business Insider, she is also personally evaluating the resume of every "serious candidate" hoping to score a gig at Yahoo.

Apparently when La Mayer eyeballs those CVs, she uses her critical eye and high standards to weed out "C-players" — which is no easy task, and may even hamper the pace of new hires at the company. But maybe that's a good thing; the company has been known to hire people who weren't exactly the most enthusiastic employees.

These are the critical make-or-break moments for Yahoo, as all eyes are on the company to see if it can restore itself and climb to the top of the online heap. And one thing's for sure: There's no place in a comeback story for bad attitudes or slacker attitudes.

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