Shovel Knight Plague Knight

Shovel Knight was without question one of the finest games of 2014. It delivered perfectly on the 8-bit throwback experience it promised, and yet, it still has a lot more content inbound!

Most noticeably, the expansions most fans are looking for are the chance to play as three of the game's bosses in their own unique campaigns. The sickly, potion-chucking Plague Knight is due for an adventure first, and Yacht Club Games has stated that it is working "full-time" on the expansion.

Of course, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita version of the game, with Kratos confirmed as a secret boss, must have something to do with the delay, but my guess is that Yacht Club Games is also a little busy making speeches with its mini-masterpiece cleaning up the indie awards this gaming award season.

In addition to Plague Knight, Yacht Club Games has promised a whole new wealth of expansions. Along with the first playable boss, the DLC will include a battle mode and a body swap mode. Plague Knight's adventure will be more than just a re-skinning with a new relic system, new enemies and bosses, remixed levels, and of course, more potions and stories with the village potion merchant Mona!

Following Plague Knight, we still have King Knight's and Spectre Knight's quests to look forward to.

It sounds like Yacht Club Games is building a platform with this game to expand upon forever. Makes you wonder if the developers are ever going to make a follow up or just work on Shovel Knight for their entire lives. Not sure which I would prefer.