Yacht Club Games is a studio primarily composed of former WayForward developers. You likely know their first game, Shovel Knight. That title rocked its Kickstarter campaign, released to a ton of critical praise and is still undergoing free content updates.

Fans dig Yacht Club and their work, and that’s why the studio has turned to their fans for advice on what to do next. They fired off a tweet linking to a survey about that very topic.

Yacht Club asks specifically if fans want Shovel Knight 2 or a brand new game inspired by a roster of classics like ZeldaMetroidMarioMega ManSpelunkyFinal Fantasy or Contra. Survey participants are asked to rate their excitement level for each, on a scale of 1-to-5.

What would you want Yacht Club to make? I’d be all aboard for Shovel Knight 2, but I’d also like to see them try something else. A Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest-like game from the studio could be really neat.