Rune factory 4

There is little question the Nintendo 3DS is the absolute best platform in the world for original JRPGs these days. Games of all different origins and makers have been pouring in, leaving localizers very pleased with the demand for excellent titles.

XSEED has been doing very well for itself localizing its parent company's, Marvelous AQL, RPGs like Rune Factory 4 and Story of Seasons. Financial reports point at record breaking stats for the company. Story of the Seasons, the latest official game in the Harvest Moon franchise minus the Harvest Moon title, was released on March 31, and already the title has crossed the 100,000 unit marker, making it the fastest game in company history to do so.

Rune Factory 4, the latest in the fantasy spin-off franchise for Harvest Moon, was released on Oct 1. back in 2013, and it has sold a grand total of 160,000. I haven't played any game in this series yet, but fans say this is the most time efficient JRPG on the planet. It blends its farming and battles together with very little hindrance from cumbersome menus. I'll have to try it.

It's great to see that even niche titles like these have found a way to succeed on the Nintendo 3DS. Here's to hoping for a whole lot more in the coming years.