XSEED has stepped up to the plate to deliver a localization for Senran Kagura Burst. The Nintendo 3DS action game has been quite the success in Japan, spawning anime series, manga series, and a whole line of action figures, toys and merchandise. It must be one spectacular game to gain such a following.

Something tells me that it is not the gameplay which drives fans to drop money on this series though. Take a good long look and guess at why this series is popular. I can guarantee the title includes “burst” for a reason.

The game follows five female characters who attend a secret ninja school masquerading as a ninja academy. They all compete for the top spot on the ninja list, and their battles come to the point of “the gradual destruction and removal of their shinobi outfits” as XSEED puts it.

Read the entire press release below for more information on the series and see how XSEED dodges the controversial side of this game.

It’s quite a gamble for XSEED to take what could be seen as a risque title, but it only managed to score a T through the ESRB. I doubt the game is as evocative as the reputation it has, but it looks to only incite the gender role debate that has cropped up over the year thanks to games like Tomb Raider and Dragon’s Crown. Unlike those two games though, which are quality releases and have more than the female characters in mind, this looks just silly and exists for the purpose of fan-service.

Still, that is the way its always been in Japan, and we can’t really expect another culture to adjust at the same rate as us.

I’m not overly interested in this game, but what do you think?

The game will be available exclusively through the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and no physical copy will be made available.

XSEED Games bringing Senran Kagura Burst to North America this Fall

XSEED Games, the independent-minded console publishing brand of Marvelous USA, today announced that the battle adventure game, Senran Kagura Burst, is headed to the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system as a digital release this Fall. It’s all about girl power in this over-the-top side-scrolling action game that spawned a successful anime and manga series in Japan. Senran Kagura Burst is set in an academy which serves as a front for an underground school where female students are secretly trained in the art of ninjutsu. Consisting of two separate storylines, Skirting Shadows introduces players to the “good shinobi” of Hanzō Academy while its counterpart, Crimson Girls, turns the tables to tell the same tale from the rival Hebijo Academy’s point of view.

Players assume control of the five primary female characters in each academy who aspire to become full-fledged shinobi. Within the “Ninja Room” hub located in each academy, character interactions reveal the thoughts and feelings of the students before and after each game mission. Novel-style story scenes then precede other missions, offering a deeper look into the world of Senran Kagura. The drama of the battle adventure unfolds as players complete combat assignments for each of the main characters, including retrieval missions, multi-character battles and epic boss fights. During combat, damage to the girls is revealed through the gradual destruction and removal of their shinobi outfits. The original Japanese voice-overs have been left intact and will be accompanied by English subtitles.

Players can earn experience and level up throughout the story, unlocking new moves, powers and outfits. The Nintendo 3DS system’s stereoscopic 3D capability is fully supported, allowing Shinobi Transformations, special moves and victory poses to be viewed in full 3D.

Senran Kagura Burst is developed by Tamsoft together with Marvelous AQL of Japan. XSEED Games will publish the title as a digital download on the Nintendo eShop in North America later this year. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.