Sony may just be a few days away from unveiling the Xperia Z5. The company is expected to announce the rumored smartphone next week during its IFA 2015 press conference, and these newly leaked press shots offer our best look at the device while revealing a few key features.

Xperia Blog shared three alleged images of the Xperia Z5 on Friday. The first shows the device covered in water, suggesting Sony will stick with its waterproof design. The second focuses on the camera, revealing a 23-megapixel shooter and a six-lens configuration. Finally, the third image shows the entire back of the phone, which doesn’t reveal much but does seem to confirm a green color variant.

One thing we don’t see that we wish was included in the leak is the phone’s power button, where Sony is expected to add a built-in fingerprint reader. The button should still sit on the side of the device about halfway up, but it may be a lot bigger than on previous models. Other rumors point to high-end hardware and a glass and metal design similar to recent Xperia models.

Alongside the Xperia Z5, Sony may also reveal two more smartphones with similar specs to round out its new family. We’re expecting a smaller Xperia Z5 Compact and a super-sized Z5 Ultra, though whether all three handsets appear at IFA next week is unclear.