The Xperia Z4 probably won’t launch until fall 2015, but a new benchmark for Sony’s rumored smartphone is already making the rounds. The device was recently spotted in GFXBench, which reveals what we can expect once it’s announced later this year.

If the benchmark is legitimate, we’re learning that the Xperia Z4 runs on a Snapdragon 810 processor, though it’s still packing last year’s 1080p display. We also get 2.8GB of RAM (likely 3GB at launch) and 23GB of usable storage (likely 32GB advertised). Finally, Sony’s included a 19-megapixel camera (we’re guessing that’s actually the same 20-megapixel shooter from the Z3) along with an upgraded 4.8-megapixel camera in front.

Overall, it appears Sony plans to improve some aspects of the Z3 while letting others stick around for another year. We don’t mind the 1080p display (especially if it means more battery life), though that may make it tough to standout next to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 or the upcoming LG G4,

Recent leaked renders suggest the Xperia Z4 could be another triumph of design from Sony. The company’s still struggling to find success with smartphone sales, but hopefully the Xperia Z4 can turn things around once it finally launches later this year.