Earlier this week, the Xperia Z4 popped up in a benchmark. Now it looks like Sony’s rumored smartphone may have already passed through the FCC ahead of an official launch later this year.

There’s no clear evidence that the device in question is the Xperia Z4, though several clues suggest it could be the real thing. We’re looking at a Sony smartphone with plenty of LTE bands in six different variants, perfect for a flagship device launching on multiple carriers at once. It also features very similar dimensions to the Xperia Z3, along with a microSD slot for adding extra storage and a non-removable battery.

If Sony’s next flagship phone really has been cleared by the FCC it may not be too long before it gets an official launch. Rumor has it the company isn’t planning to unveil the new phone until IFA 2015 this September, though today’s news suggests it might not take that long. Then again, it’s possible Sony has something else up its sleeve. Just because the Xperia Z4 is still five months away doesn’t mean Sony won’t unveil another new handset before then.