Sony’s smartphone designs have always been decent, but never amazing. The company’s Z3 lineup is almost there, but next to devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, HTC One (M8) and Note 4, it’s clear there’s room for improvement. Well, based off leaked emails from the fallout of Sony’s embarrassing hack, it looks like the company is really digging in to release something special next year.

Concepts buried in the inbox of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) CEO Michael Lynton show the company is heading in a more futuristic direction for its next smartphone. Mind you, these are just concepts, but Sony is confident enough in its designs that it wants to put its upcoming phone on the big screen when Spectre is released next year. We actually just saw Sony release a teaser for an upcoming announcement at CES 2015, and the device does indeed appear different from what we’ve seen from Sony devices of yore.

The overall soul of Sony’s familiar design is still retained in the concepts, though it appears the company is going to focus even more on thinness and premium materials. The leading picture of “The Elemental” absolutely exudes luxury, though, as we’ve said, this is merely a concept; it does, however, clearly state that it could be the Xperia Z4, which we’re expecting to see fairly soon. The other pictures are simply ideas at this point—the possibility of using hard and soft materials, and even one concept that’s pretty much entirely glass.

As noted by Gizmodo, one of the concepts also points to a lock screen that would somehow adjust to the color of your phone; it sounds to us just more like stock backgrounds that you can choose to better match your phone, kinda of like what Apple did with the iPhone 5c. While the emails don’t exactly give us details about what to expect from the Z4, Sony really seems to be focused on the device’s design, which has never really been the company’s strongest suit. Even SPE co-chair Amy Pascal admitted she prefers her iPhone to Sony phones in one of the emails, Gizmodo points out. Ouch.

A new smartwatch/activity tracker concept was also found in the leaked emails, though there’s no real information about it. It looks a lot like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Fit, which was more of a crossbreed device. With CES 2015 right around the corner, we’ll see if Sony’s moves forward with the wearable, along with (we hope) more information about its Z4.