The first Motorola Xoom didn’t really set the world on fire. It was expensive, only came as a Data+Wi-Fi offering, was heavy/bulky and couldn’t really take advantage of much in the way of tablet-optimized Android offerings at the time.

Boy, have things changed.

First off, if the leaked flyer from Europe’s Carphone Warehouse is any indication, it will arrive (at least in Ireland) in time for the holiday season. The ad touts this version of the Xoom 2 as “everything a tablet should be.” The only question is … is it?

Well, it will be priced at €399.90, or about $545 USD. That’s miles away from the $800 launch price of the original. That’s for the Wi-Fi version, which means no data service is going to be required. The item advertised is also an 8.2-inch tablet — a far cry from the previous sole offering of a 10.1-inch form factor (though another 10-inch LTE version is hotly anticipated as well). And Ice Cream Sandwich — well, there’s going to be a bevy of goodies to go along with that.

Unfortunately, it only has half the built-in storage of the first-gen unit (16GB vs Xoom 1’s 32GB). But if that’s helping to bring down the price, I suspect a lot of users would be willing to compromise. So that might not give would-be customers a reason to pause. This, however, might: The Xoom 2 looks like it’s arriving with Honeycomb, NOT Ice Cream Sandwich.

What the…? Wasn’t ICS for the Xoom pretty much confirmed? And isn’t Google buying Motorola? So what gives with the Xoom 2?

I have no idea, and haven’t seen any feasible leaks or explanations accounting for it. I’d try to dig into this flyer even more, if I could, but staring at this blurry thing is frankly making me blind. If you think you can make out any more details, take a shot. The full image follows.

If ICS doesn’t land on the Xoom 2 soon, would you be interested in it anyway? Weigh in.

[via Engadget]