For those of you haven’t heard of it, Xmarks started life as FoxMarks, and it was an extension that allowed you to sync your bookmarks across multiple Firefox instillations.  No longer did I have to e-mail myself reminders from work to bookmark something at home, it just would show up on my laptop the next time I turned it on, and vice-versa.  Along the way they changed their names to Xmarks because they got the radical idea to do this not just with Firefox, but also Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.  It was at this point that this became one of my “must-have” tools as I regularly have multiple browsers running.

xmarks logoThe thing was, I didn’t even realize how “must-have” it was until the company announced in late Sept. that it would be closing its doors in Jan. 2011.  This was just on the heels of it releasing an iPad app that now brought all your bookmarks to the mobile device as well, so this was even more devastating.  It was, after all, a free service, and one I never could figure out how it made money, so it was also not horribly surprising.

After an out pouring of angst, the company explored the idea of how many users would pay for the service, but nothing else was said on that.  Fast forward to Nov. 4th, and now Xmarks is reporting that not only is someone buying the company to save it, but there will also be some form of premium service as well.  No word on what that service will include, but you can pretty much count me as a subscriber already.

Between my two desktops, laptop and iPad, I’m not sure how I could do my work any more without Xmarks, so to hear it is being saved is worth every dime to me.

What say you?  Is there any browser extension that you just couldn’t imagine digital life without?