Popular geeky web comic xkcd is always a pleasure to read, but every once and a while creator Randall Munroe makes something really special. Wednesday was one of those days, with the release of a massive side-scrolling exploration game called Hoverboard to celebrate Munroe’s newest book launch.

On the surface, Hoverboard seems simple: collect coins and deposit them at a terminal. The starting map looks like a pretty basic platformer, and you can use the direction keys to move side-to-side and jump as you gather up those coins. But once you break out beyond the initial panel you’ll discover a massive cartoon world to explore.

The one key trick you need to know is that your hoverboard can fly. Tap up to hop a few inches off the ground, hold it to jump several feet, or hit the button repeatedly to soar straight up. You can fly high enough to escape the starting map, and even jump over a cartoon version of the Washington monument. It’s unclear if there’s a limit to how high you can go, though I never reached it.

Once you start exploring the coins quickly become less important. You’re unraveling a story that will take you around the world and likely beyond. In a few minutes of play I found what looked like a rebel starfighter from Star Wars parked in a garage, along with one character relaxing at the bottom of a very deep well.

You could probably spend hours in Hoverboard and barely scratch the surface. Hit the source link below to start exploring now.