Back in April, we learned that Xiaomi might be working on a USB-C equipped smartphone. Now we’re less than a week away from that device’s official debut.

Xiaomi co-founder and president Bin Lin has been teasing the upcoming Mi 4c on Weibo. Recently he revealed a pretty unique take on the reversible connector. The new device will in fact offer USB-C, but with a twist. The handset will actually ship with a traditional microUSB connector along with a special adapter so it works with the newfangled port.

It’s a clever solution to one of the big problems with USB-C: What do you do with all your old cords and accessories? Now they’ll still work, and they’ll instantly become reversible. Of course, you’ll probably lose that little plastic adapter eventually, though hopefully by then USB-C will have really caught on.

Xiaomi is set to reveal the Mi 4c next week on September 22, but it won’t be available to purchase until October 23. Unfortunately, the company only sells its phones in China and a few other countries (not including the U.S.), and initial stock will apparently be limited to just 100,000 units.

We don’t expect Xiaomi to start offering the Mi 4c in America anytime soon, though hopefully some other company like Samsung or HTC will come out with something similar before too long.