Xiaomi’s original Mi Band came as a big surprise. The company, known for borrowing ideas from other firms, even copied Apple’s classic “one more thing” move before unveiling the $15 fitness tracker. Ever since then, we’ve been waiting for a follow-up wearable, and now we may be getting a first look at the alleged Mi Band 1S.

A new leak out of China includes a handful of images of the updated wearable. The design looks pretty similar to the original Mi Band. There’s still no display, but you can clearly see a heart rate sensor on the back on the device where it touches your skin. We assume it’s also water resistant, packs a long-lasting battery and offers the ability to unlock your smartphone automatically, just like the original model.

These images look pretty good, but we’re still a little skeptical. After all, we’ve been fooled before by fake Mi Band rumors, so we’ll treat the news with a grain of salt until Xiaomi makes an official announcement.

If the Mi Band 1S does arrive, it should be available in the U.S. through the company’s online store. Xiaomi still isn’t selling its smartphones in North America or Europe, but it does offer a handful of accessories and connected gadgets including the current Mi Band. Maybe the Mi Band 1S will make the cut, too.