Xiaomi’s made a name for itself selling high-end smartphones on a budget, but the company also offers a huge variety of other gadgets. The latest entries in Xiaomi’s lineup includes a pretty awesome television and a new connected water purifier.

The Mi TV 2S packs a 48-inch frame that’s just 9.9mm thick and a Samsung-made 4K panel with Xiaomi’s own LED backlight. It also packs a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and runs Android Lollipop software. It features a sleek metal design with different color options around the edges.

The new TV will cost just $485, or $645 when you throw in a sound bar speaker. It’s set to hit China later this month on June 28, though there’s no word on any plans to launch in the U.S. or anywhere else beyond Xiaomi’s home country.

There’s also Xiaomi’s new water purifier, which attaches to your sink faucet. The device uses reverse osmosis and connects to the rest of your smart home, that means you’ll get an alert on your phone when it stops working. It costs $210, though again there’s no word if it will be available outside of China.