Rumor has it Xiaomi plans to offer its own 3D Touch equivalent in future smartphones, but the Chinese phone-maker may be hitting a wall. A new report claims the company is struggling to find a parts supplier for the high-tech vibration modules it needs to take on Apple.

According to ETNews, Xiaomi simply isn’t willing to pay the high prices these new modules typically go for. One source told the Korean site that Chinese upstart is asking for parts at production cost and promising market exposure in exchange. Most companies are apparently resisting because it would likely mean offering lower prices across the board as a result.

“Although it is always a welcoming thing to secure a new customer, we cannot view Xiaomi as a favorable customer to deal with,” another industry insider said.

Xiaomi built its empire on razor-thin profit margins, so it makes sense that it won’t pay extra for 3D Touch. The necessary vibration motors apparently cost twice or three times as much as a traditional module. Still, it sounds like the company may need to raise its prices if it wants to match Apple spec-for-spec.

It’s possible Xiaomi simply won’t offer 3D Touch, at least not until the technology has become more widespread and the parts are cheaper. In the meantime, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other more established companies step in with their own alternatives.