Xiaomi is quickly becoming a major player in the tech gadget space. It’s already a huge smartphone maker in China, though has started to spread its wings into other arenas as well. Next up may be a new laptop, at least according to some specs that were recently provided by GizmoChina. As you’ll note from the image above, this looks like a MacBook Air – but don’t let that fool you just yet.

GizmoChina says that the Xiaomi notebook, powered by Linux, may cost under $500, though the specs suggest it may cost a bit more than that. The site says Xiaomi’s notebook will pack an Intel Core i7 Haswell processor, a 15-inch 1920 x 1080-pixel display and a solid 16GB of RAM. There’s no news on what sort of storage this will pack, though if it’s as thin as the picture suggests, it may have a solid state hard drive as well.

Liliputing, an expert in the notebook space, rightly believes these specs may be too good to be true, especially considering a $500 price point. It’s more likely the notebook, if it exists at all, will come in at a higher price – at least if Xiaomi wants to make any money off of the units it sells.

To add to our doubts, a site named KakaTech lists the same notebook pictured above but without the Xiaomi logo. It’s totally possible Xiaomi is whiteboxing this, but it’s probably more likely the image of the notebook in the gallery above has been Photoshopped, so don’t draw any conclusions.

And yet, despite all of this, it does seem plausible that Xiaomi will enter the notebook space at some point, so we’ll need to sit tight and see what actually comes to fruition.