The hype around Xiaomi’s Mi5 has already reached a fever pitch, but fans may have to wait a bit longer than anticipated for the long-rumored smartphone. A recent statement from the company’s CEO suggests the device might still need some time in the oven.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently explained his strategy for the Mi5. It seems that instead of rushing the device as one of the first with a new Snapdragon 820 chip onboard, the company will take its time perfecting the product. Specifically, the firm will “put greater importance on the user experience and mass production, rather than being first.”

User experience likely refers to the company’s MiUI software, a heavily modified version of Android that receives regular updates. It’s possible Xiaomi has a big software upgrade planned and needs more time to finalize the changes.

As for “mass production,” that could be a reference to the new Snapdragon 820 chip. Given the issues surrounding Qualcomm’s previous chip, the Snapdragon 810, the company may want to wait until any early issues with the mobile processor are sorted out. Or maybe it wants to focus on quality control.

Lei previously revealed that the Mi5 was already being tested internally, promising that the new phone would be “worth waiting for” when it finally launches.