Xiaomi is a rising star in the smartphone universe. The Chinese company quickly sells out each new smartphone it releases, and today we’re getting a first look at Xiaomi’s alleged next flagship handset, the Mi5.

Two production line photos of the new device and one press render were posted to Weibo, the popular Chinese social network, on Friday. We can’t verify that these photos are real, but if they are, it looks like Xiaomi’s next smartphone could be its best yet.

Xiaomi has a reputation for copying Apple’s devices, but this handset actually reminds us more of the HTC One, thanks to those sleek top and bottom bezels and nearly edge-less sides. There’s still no word on internal hardware, but the company generally manages to offer flagship specs at a low price.

Hopefully we’ll get an official look at the Mi5 in the near future, though we’re not expecting the Chinese phone-maker to start selling in the U.S. anytime soon.