Xiaomi’s Mi5 may not ever officially launch in the U.S., but it looks like the device could come packed with LTE bands for all the major American carriers. The news comes from a post on the company’s own online forum, though we still don’t have actual confirmation.

According to the post, which is currently being updated for Xiaomi fans, most of the Mi5’s LTE bands are still unconfirmed. However, the list suggests the device will offer support for Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

If the Mi5 does work with U.S. networks, it could quickly become a strong contender for one of the best phones of 2016. The device boasts flagship specs, including a Snapdragon 820 processor, a fingerprint reader and a 3000mAh battery at an impressively low price. In China, the new phone will be available for as little as 1999 Yuan ($306) with a high-end Pro version costing a little over $400.

Of course, you’ll likely have to pay extra to get the device shipped to the U.S. from China, but it’s still a lot cheaper than the latest flagship devices from Samsung, LG and Apple. The Mi5 is set to launch on March 1 though we wouldn’t recommend buying one for the U.S. until we know for sure it will actually work in the country.

We’ve reached out to Xiaomi for confirmation, and we’ll update this post if we get a response.

Update: Xiaomi got back to us with some bad news.The Mi5 won’t work with U.S. carriers. It turns out listing all those LTE bands was a mistake, and the page has already been updated.