The latest high-end phone from Xiaomi could be announced next month.

Following the leak of a teaser poster, the Mi Mix 3 appears to be lined up for its global debut on September 15. The teaser poster, which was obtained by AndroidPure, lists the potential launch date and offers a peek at what the flagship might look like when it becomes official.

Xiaomi will stick with an edge-to-edge display, of course. The difference for this model in the Mi Mix series could be how the front-facing camera and sensors are stored. Based on the teaser poster, it doesn’t feel like Xiaomi will implement a chin for the Mi Mix 3.

Take a look at the teaser poster for yourself, courtesy of AndroidPure:

Assuming the leak gives an accurate depiction of the Mi Mix 3, there will be ultra-thin bezels surrounding the screen. The phone doesn’t have a chin; therefore, Xiaomi might be moving away from that despite the Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, and Mi Mix 2S cramming everything at the bottom.

The Mi Mix 3 could ship with a pop-up camera, like the Vivo NEX, instead. Everything from cameras to sensors would be hidden within its body until needed by the user. With how slimmed-down those bezels are in the teaser poster, it certainly seems like the cameras and sensors have nowhere else to go but inside a pop-up mechanism.

Its specifications haven’t leaked in full, but the Mi Mix 3 will allegedly ship with 6GB or 8GB of memory and 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage. The starting price floating around is $500. Meanwhile, a ceramic-made variant could go for $650 due to the enhanced durability.

We’ll know more about the Mi Mix 3 in the coming weeks. Xiaomi hasn’t mentioned it on social media yet, but the Chinese company typically announces a new flagship as summer ends.