Xiaomi’s starting to create hype for its upcoming flagship. In a pair of tweets, the Chinese company confirmed two features that’ll appear on the Mi Mix 3 later this month.

Both are unsurprising, but they aren’t mainstream in the mobile industry so far. That’s why it might be an opportunity for Xiaomi to earn global recognition. Who knows, it could even lead Xiaomi to sell the Mi Mix 3 in more countries than any of its previous products.

When it’s official, expect the Mi Mix 3 to ship with as much as 10GB of memory. It’ll make this flagship incredibly fast as well as smooth. Even if you’re running several apps at the same time, the Mi Mix 3 should remain snappy.

As for the other feature, Xiaomi isn’t shying away from cutting-edge network technology. You’ll be able to use the Mi Mix 3 on 5G networks in select markets.

The major U.S. carriers aren’t scheduled to go live with this form of connectivity until 2019, but international carriers are pushing forward and may achieve significant milestones this year. Xiaomi could wait to enable the 5G modem for next year, anyway. It’s not like there’s a simple switch to flip for 5G to be widespread and reliable.

Additionally, there have been reports suggesting what some of the other features will be. The Mi Mix 3 might have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 and a dual-camera setup. Expect to see a true edge-to-edge screen, too.

The Mi Mix 3 will go official on Thursday, October 25. Depending on where you’re located, it could be the day before. So be on the looking for Xiaomi’s latest high-end phone next week.