Xiaomi didn’t necessarily hide its latest phone leading up to today’s announcement, and that’s because the Mi Mix 2S isn’t too different compared to its predecessor. But the company did add some features that could make it a worthy upgrade. From the outside, Xiaomi only made minor tweaks. Inside, however, there are a bunch of different components to make this a true 2018 flagship.

There’s also something very refreshing about the Mi Mix 2S. As most of the mobile industry looks to copy one very popular mobile device’s unique look, Xiaomi doesn’t care to implement a notch.

The look of the Mi Mix 2 wasn’t thrown away as that phone launched just six months ago. Xiaomi put one more letter in the Mi Mix 2S’ name to indicate it’s not a full-blown upgrade but rather a refined successor carrying the torch. If you put the Mi Mix 2S and Mi Mix 2 next to each other, you’d be lucky to pick up on the differences from the front.

Once again, Xiaomi is embracing the edge-to-edge display life without the need for a notch at the top. The Mi Mix 2S might just have the thinnest bezels we’ve ever seen on a mainstream phone. Above and to the sides of the 5.9-inch Full HD+ (2160×1080) IPS LCD display is an ultra-thin border, and below you’ll find a somewhat noticeable chin. Xiaomi put the front-facing camera down there, which means the company didn’t have to borrow from Apple’s iPhone X like so many others have.

Overall, you’re still getting a high-end look and feel. Certain parts of the Mi Mix 2S are also made of ceramic in addition to aluminum and glass.

Many will criticize the Mi Mix 2S not for having a dual-camera setup but for aligning the lenses vertically with two-tone LED flash between them. That layout is, of course, used by Apple on its newest iPhone. But Xiaomi does push its own technology.

The two 12MP lenses feature artificial intelligence, enhanced low-light performance, dual-pixel autofocus, multi-frame noise reduction, and four-axis optical image stabilization. It sounds fancy, but the truth is many flagships share the same qualities for their cameras. We should still applaud Xiaomi for not going light in this area anyway.

Elsewhere, the phone is also no slouch. Xiaomi received a ton of praise in 2017 when the Mi Mix 2 arrived because the high-end components made for blazing-fast performance. The Mi Mix 2S only makes the experience better by using upgraded components. Again, it’s the same phone but tweaked with more advanced technology.

It’s also worth sharing that the Mi Mix 2S supports wireless charging. To go with the phone, the company announced a 7.5W wireless charging pad that costs a mere $16.

Xiaomi included the Snapdragon 845, which is Qualcomm’s flagship processor at the moment. Customers then choose memory and storage capacities. If you opt for 6GB of RAM, you’ll get to choose between 64GB or 128GB of storage. When you raise the bar to 8GB of RAM, you’re automatically getting 25tGB of storage.

Pricing is higher than last year’s model, but the Mi Mix 2S remains less expensive than most cutting-edge phones out there. The starting price is $525 and climbs to $636 if you need the top offering.

While the Mi Mix 2S will be available on April 3, don’t expect to see it everywhere. Xiaomi plans on selling it in China and select markets but not the U.S., though you’ll be able to use it anywhere since the Mi Mix 2S is compatible on various major networks around the world.