Xiaomi seems likely to bring a new high-end phone to MWC 2018 in late February; however, it probably won’t be the Mi 7. Rather than introducing an entirely new flagship to a crowded and busy trade show, the Chinese company appears more interested in launching an upgraded model of an existing product. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the Mi Mix 2S should be debuting in the coming weeks.

The Mi Mix 2S might signal an approaching wave of hardware powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor. Xiaomi’s soon-to-be-announced phone will reportedly have the Snapdragon 845 inside.

One anonymous Twitter user, known as @MMDDJ_, tweeted that the Mi Mix 2S will be the world’s first phone to have Qualcomm’s flagship processor running the show. No other details were included.

It’ll follow the Mi Mix 2, which launched in September. Only six months later and we’re on the verge of getting a successor. Aside from a better processor, the Mi Mix 2S could ship with a tweaked design including an iPhone X-like notch at the top of the display. The phone leaked last year and revealed Xiaomi feels inspired by the work Apple’s hardware engineers have put in on the newest iPhone.

Samsung, too, will launch something new at the same trade show. Its Galaxy S9, which has experienced a number of leaks as of late, should ship with the Snapdragon 845 in the United States and China.

Not having first dibs probably isn’t a concern for Samsung because an in-house Exynos processor is used in most markets. Also, Samsung’s direct competitors won’t have their 2018 flagships ready until sometime in the spring. Last year the company made an agreement with Qualcomm to have the Snapdragon 835 be a timed exclusive for the Galaxy S8, blocking others from using the component for several months.

Now it’s a little different. Exclusivity on the Snapdragon 845 isn’t necessary this year, so Xiaomi is able to roll out the Mi Mix 2S on a desired schedule.