The Mi Mix 2, which only debuted two months ago, might be getting a successor already.

Xiaomi seems to be working on an Android phone with an iPhone X-like notch at the top of the display. An image of the Mi Mix 2s leaked on Weibo, a very popular social media platform in China. It shows the phone with a notch at the top of the display similar to Apple’s latest flagship.

The differences between the Mi Mi 2 and the Mi Mix 2s would likely be limited to that notch.

Unlike the iPhone X, the Mi Mix 2’s display is untouched and consumes the majority of the front. It accomplishes this by housing the front-facing camera on the very bottom. The issue with that, though, is selfies have an awkward angle looking up your nose unless you flip the phone upside down.

Xiaomi sees the iPhone X and its positive reception from consumers, and now an upgraded Mi Mix 2 could relocate the front-facing camera to a more traditional spot.

There’s no word on when the Mi Mix 2s will launch, but few people will avoid drawing the connection between this phone and Apple’s iPhone X.