This has been the year that bezels are being eliminated from smartphones. The G6 and Galaxy S8 already did it and the iPhone 8, Note 8 and V30 are said to be continuing the fad later this year. But all those phones and their “bezel-less” displays look pitiful when put against the first Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 render and its gorgeous display.

Designer Philippe Starck posted a conceptual rendering of the targeted design of the Mi Mix 2 that is impossibly thin. It certainly looks sweet, but it was pretty much just a thin display. But noted leaker Benjamin Geskin quickly released a full render of the Mi Mix 2 and it is the phone of our dreams.

The render of the Mi Mix 2 sports non-existent bezels that looks next level. Xiaomi released the concept of the Mi Mix earlier this year that sported a similar bezel-less design that jumpstarted the death of the front bezels. Now it takes it to the next level with the Mi Mix 2 and it’s a worthy heir.

It’s an exciting time in smartphones as bezels are being eliminated, opening the door for bigger display to fit into much smaller bodies. The Mi Mix 2 is just the latest incarnation of the idea.