Xiaomi is expected to release the Mi 8 in more countries than any of its predecessors. Based on a recent teaser put out on social media, the soon-to-be-announced flagship will arrive in a number of places that have never seen any of the Chinese company’s core products. The Mi 8 would then become as close to a global product as Xiaomi has ever had, though it’ll still be missing from one very large market.

The upcoming launch should be grand as, aside from celebrating its flagship’s association with China’s lucky number, the Mi 8 will be sold in Europe. Xiaomi recently entered the continent with plans to continue heading west throughout 2018 and into next year.

If there’s any doubt about the company’s intent to go global, look no further than its most recent teaser. The company created windows shaped like the number eight that offer a look at landmarks around the world. Xiaomi’s mascot, the hat-wearing rabbit, is also in a car on a winding road to indicate uncharted territory is ahead.

Here’s the teaser, which Xiaomi posted over the weekend:


The caption, by the way, doesn’t offer much about the Mi 8. It merely asks you to figure out what landmarks are shown in each window.

On Reddit, members of the Xiaomi-loving community figured out where all the landmarks are located. The eight countries highlighted in the teaser are Egypt, Spain, India, Italy, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, and France. Some of those countries have already had access to Xiaomi’s products while others, like Italy and France, have only just welcomed the company.

Xiaomi hasn’t done the best job keeping the Mi 8 hidden, though. Its specifications leaked last week along with a video exposing the phone’s look. The Mi 8 should ship with a 6.2-inch Full HD+ display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and Android 8.1 Oreo with MIUI.

When it becomes official, the Mi 8 could be known as the “Mi 8 Anniversary Edition.” The name might be used for the product as a whole or just one variant. We’ll know everything about the Mi 8 when Xiaomi announces it on May 31 in Shenzhen.