hugo barra xiaomi

Xiaomi has quickly become a powerhouse phone-maker in China and other nearby countries, but we’re still a few years away from seeing the company expand to what it calls “tier one markets” like the U.S. and Europe. In a recent BBC interview, Xiaomi executive and former Google product manager Hugo Barra talked about future plans for expansion and what makes the company so special.

“It’s a Chinese company with insane global ambitions” Barra said, explaining that for now it makes more sense to focus on Asia, along other developing markets like Russia and Brazil. North America and Europe are simply too competitive at the moment, and Barra also notes that Xiaomi can have a much bigger impact in places like China.

“We think that our value proposition of building very high specification products and selling them almost at cost has a much higher impact, economic and social impact, in the developing markets,” he told the BBC.

Barra goes on to note that the company’s work ethic is like none other, with most employees pulling 12-hour shifts or longer on a daily basis. Still, it could be at least a few more years before Xiaomi devices reach American shores—at least officially.

For now you can watch out the full interview via the source link, or check out a slideshow of Xiaomi’s latest smartphones, the Mi Note and Mi Note Plus, just below.