Xiaomi confirmed it’ll announce the Mi A2 later this month.

On Twitter, the Chinese company set the launch date for its upcoming Android One phone. The invite, which doesn’t include anything about the Mi A2 itself, reveals its global debut will occur on July 24. With its business growing to additional countries, Xiaomi will introduce the Mi A2 in Madrid.

Its invite also featured some Android One branding to remind us the Mi A2 will run stock Android rather than MIUI. Xiaomi will assemble the hardware, but Google is in control of software post-launch.

The Mi A1, which was announced in 2017, was well-received for its clean take on Android with continuous updates. Because MIUI is relatively unknown outside of Asia, Xiaomi stands a better chance of succeeding around the world with a familiar software overlay.

When it’s official, the Mi A2 should be a lot like the Mi 6X. Xiaomi is expected to recycle the specifications from an existing product. So the Mi A2 could have a 5.9-inch Full HD+ display, a Snapdragon 660, 20MP and 12MP rear cameras, a 3010mAh battery, and Android 8.1 Oreo.

The launch will go down in a week, and then everything about Xiaomi’s Mi A2 will be up for analysis.

We’re just hoping Xiaomi makes the jump to North America sometime soon. Everyone in the U.S. who’s been interested in Xiaomi has been forced to pay more than the list price to import its products.