xiaomi 17

Xiaomi took the smartphone market by storm in 2013—at least in China where it sold almost 20 million devices—and even managed to poach Google vice president of Android Hugo Barra. Announcing his intentions for the new year, CEO Lei Jun took to Chinese social media site Sina Weibo and promised to double sales.

“We again promise, we will at least supply 40m phones in 2014!” Jun wrote, noting his goal to transform his company into one of the world’s top ten smartphone-makers. Xiaomi generally uses flash sales to push its smartphones, which are sold at just above cost, while the company makes most of its money off the services used on its devices.

Xiaomi is extremely popular in China—though it still trails behind Samsung—but with Barra’s help the company plans to expand globally in 2014. The former Google exec kicked off the new year with a bit of news as well, announcing on Google+ that the company will soon sell handsets in Singapore. Barra promised more details soon. We expect this is only the first of many similar announcements this year if Xiaomi really plans to sell 40 million smartphones in the next twelve months.