Xiaomi is becoming an increasingly popular technology brand in China by creating lower-cost Android handsets that still offer premium designs. It's also attracting fans by inviting them to Xiaomi-hosted parties, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

One such party was hosted by Xiaomi at one of the city of Hangzhou's "flashiest" clubs, The Wall Street Journal said, where 300 fans of Xiaomi were invited to hang out. The company's plan is apparently to spread these sorts of events to other markets around the world, where it will invite other fans to feel like a part of the family and enjoy a break at the cost of Xiaomi.

The idea is to bring the feeling of an exclusive club to folks who, don't usually hang out in that sort of environment. "I've never been to a club before," one fan told The Wall Street Journal. "I'm just an average worker. I can't afford to go to places like this." Yet, Xiaomi is inviting these types of folks to clubs in an effort to spread its brand name, products, and sense of edginess.

"Being part of Xiaomi's community gives me a sense of achievement," the fan told The Wall Street Journal. Xiaomi reportedly identified him as a "VIP" after spotting him helping other Xiaomi users on the company's forums. The focus on making consumers feel important is working.

During the fourth quarter of 2014, Xiaomi had the largest market share out of any other OEM in China. Now Xiaomi will need to find out if the same strategy will work elsewhere.