Xiaomi’s new wireless earbuds are original in terms of design, but the name could’ve used a little more effort.

The AirDots, which will be sold in China soon, don’t feature a wire between the two earpieces. It’s a lot like Apple’s AirPods, from the white-colored minimalistic design to the sleek charging case.

Fortunately, the Chinese company didn’t create its AirDots with sticks protruding out of the user’s ears. It’s a standard earbud design for the most part. You’ll hardly give away the fact that wireless earbuds are being worn unless someone catches a glance at an angle.

Take a look at Xiaomi’s AirDots here:

Aside from the name, the AirDots aren’t too similar to Apple’s AirPods. It’s a completely different set of wireless earbuds as Xiaomi needed to make price-related concessions. The sound quality should be lower than what the AirPods offer, but you shouldn’t expect an awful experience from the AirDots. Still, you’re missing out on noise cancellation and water resistance.

To our surprise, Xiaomi did pack Bluetooth 5.0 into these wireless earbuds. That’ll improve efficiency for both the AirDots and the companion device.

When the AirDots go on sale, you’ll be asked to pay just $25. Xiaomi has yet to say where outside of China the AirDots will be sold, though.