When it comes to RPGs of both the Japanese and Western varieties, I spend a lot of time in the character customization menus when I first fire up my quests. Really, a short dip in the pool of physical tweaks lasts me something like 30 minutes. If the offering is robust? Forget it, I’ll be in there forever.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature custom avatars, and that stands in contrast to the pre-built Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles. The “Avatar Make” screens, a title that will certainly be localized into something else once Xenoblade Chronicles X moves out of Japan, have been recorded and posted for the world to consume.

Yep, there’s a lot to tweak and change. You can see that in the videos above and below.

What I think is especially interesting here actually comes from a recent Iwata Asks. The Nintendo President talked with Monolith Soft about the character customization screens in this game, and here’s the exchange between Iwata and Genki Yokota on online play pushing them to offer custom avatars.

Yokota: Although we admitted to being scared of connecting with other players earlier, we’re actually fans of online games, so it was so much fun being able to create our own characters. However, we had a lot of discussions over the volume of the customizations, like how many different features we should offer.

Iwata: If there are too many customization options, it would take a while for the player to actually start playing the game.

Yokota: But on the other hand, it would be a problem if the choices were too limited.

Iwata: That would make them all look the same.

Yokota: This is why we had many discussions over this.

Did they skirt the line between too much and not enough perfectly here? I’m not sure.

We’ll have more on Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U as it comes.