Civilization comes to an end in Fallout 4 during the year 2077, but Monolith Soft. isn’t content with settling for second best. In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Earth is reduced to rubble in the year 2054, as explained in the game’s new English story trailer.

This isn’t the only implausible edge Xenoblade has over Fallout, though. By 2054, Xenoblade Chronicles X sees humans as a space faring race with inter-galactic travel being the norm, while Fallout 4’s humans are still stuck in an Eisenhower-esque 1950s society. And while it takes 200 years for the Minute Men to organize a reconstruction of the Commonwealth wasteland, Xenoblade Chronicles X has an entire metropolis of New Los Angeles up and running in under 2 months…

While on the surface of a hostile alien planet!

Comparisons only exist right now because Fallout 4 is on everyone’s mind, but science fiction needs a bit of plausibility to be somewhat believable. Xenoblade Chronicles X is throwing that notion to the wind and has an outlandish setup that’s just as much fun to swallow as it is ridiculous.

Whatever! I’m game! Robots is space duking it out with massive hostile aliens? Why not? Xenoblade Chronicles X launches on Dec. 4 exclusively for the Wii U. I’m going to need some more memory to download it, because the fridge is officially full.

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