You like giant robots, right? I’m sure you like JRPGs, giant monsters, martial arts, and gun battles, too, or am I mistaken? I’m even going to go out on a limb and guess that interest leaks over into anime and all the screaming melodrama that it is known for. Well then, let your eyes and ears feast on this masterpiece of a trailer from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

There isn’t a lick of English to be heard or read in subtitle form, but it doesn’t need it to be simply out of this world. Quite literally, too. Initial reports said that this game takes place on Earth, but that has now changed to become the planet Mira, which does exist in the same universe as our planet, though. Our heroes are on the run from war and extinction, and I can’t think of a safer place than a planet populated by massive bugs.

Oh yeah, and the name of the city they found on the planet? New Los Angeles. Yup, New Los Angeles. Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Japan. I’ll never get sick of you.

The trailer is excellent, and Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to knock the socks off of its home country when it launches exclusively for the Wii U next week on April 29. An American version is due to be released later this fall.

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