Update:  The livestream is up, and you can watch it here.

Alright, Xenoblade fans, mark your calendars and set aside some free time. Nintendo will host a Xenoblade Chronicles X focused livestream this Friday.

The stream will go down at 10pm in Japan. That means Friday, 8am EST, 5am PST and 1pm GMT. The official Japanese site regarding the stream did not indicate length, so I’m not sure exactly how long this video will last.

There are a few things worth mentioning in regards to the content of the showing. First, this is only being hosted by Nintendo of Japan so far. That means it will likely show in Japanese only. Second, they aren’t calling this a Direct. It’s presentation of some sort, but not a Direct. Finally, the content in the livestream focuses on the world of Xenoblade X.

Hopefully that last bit means we’ll get a genuine sense of how large and varied the world of this upcoming game actually is. It looks enormous, and that was a big part of Xenoblade Chronicles.

We’ll have more on Xenoblade Chronicles X, including a link to the livestream, as it comes. You’ll find a YouTube embed for the presentation here on Friday right before the aforementioned showtimes.

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