Update: The stream it over. You can watch it in the video above, but you’ll need to move to roughly 33:40 in the clip before the show actually starts.

Earlier this week, Nintendo of Japan announced a special presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X, the upcoming massive Wii U RPG. That livestream is set to roll in 15 minutes at 8am ET this morning.

You’ll find it in the video above. When it’s all over, we’ll be sure to update the embed with the show.

The livestream is set to focus on the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X. It will be in Japanese, so if you don’t speak the language, you’re in it for the visuals. The clip will run for roughly 24 minutes.

Here’s hoping we see an enormous space. That’s what made Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii so darn cool in my book.

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