There’s a whole lot of chatter in the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X from Monolith Software. Nintendo posted an official Iwata Asks chat between President Satoru Iwata and Monolith Soft’s Koh Kojima, Genki Yokota, Kazuho Hyodo, Yuichiro Takeda and Tetsuya Takahashi. The six game creators talked a lot about making the game, but the bit about dialogue was pretty interesting.

Kojima talked about how they recorded 3,000 lines for the original Xenoblade Chronicles, and that was just for battles. Xenoblade Chronicles X? Slide that number up to 11,000.

Iwata: 11,000 lines?!

Kojima: Yes. There are around 4 times more voice recordings in this game, so it should be especially enjoyable for those who like to listen to character voices.

Iwata: Well…I did expect there to be a push for the voices, and an increase in number…but I was taken off guard that you’ve increased it to 11,000! (laughs)

Kojima: I honestly thought there were too many zeroes when I first saw the number. (laughs)

There was so much recording that voice actors even lost their voices several times at work.

Then we have this little bit between Iwata and Kojima when the two talk about how much money it took to get the game tested by Mario Club.

Iwata: When I saw the invoice for Mario Club’s testing fees, I froze up for a moment.

Kojima: I’m not surprised…

Iwata: I even said out loud, “Why are these numbers so high!” (laughs)

Kojima:I would like to take this time to apologize to everyone that was involved in this matter.

All: (laughs)

With 11,000 lines of dialogue and such a long and winding game to work through, it looks like Xenoblade Chronicles X was pretty pricey for Nintendo both in terms of voice acting and localization, but also in pure testing.

We’ll see if that risk was worth it in Japan when the game releases this week. Xenoblade Chronicles X doesn’t have a release date for territories beyond Japan just yet, but it is set to hit the Wii U in other parts of the world towards the end of this year.

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