After the brand new Fire Emblem announcement during this morning’s Nintendo Direct presentation, I didn’t think that any new game or trailer was going to be able to match that level of excitement again. Then I remembered, oh yeah, Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming out this year!

And indeed, this gorgeous game is looking better than ever. During the broadcast, Nintendo showed off a brand new trailer designed to show off the luscious alien planet our heroes are going to be touring on for many many hours. Everything from deserts to jungles to glaciers make an appearance in this game, and the alien life perfectly matches their scenery as well, especially the giant sand worms!

We also get a glimpse at he plight of our heroes and learn why they are touring the vast environment. A ferocious space battle against an alien foe ripped apart their ship’s hull, and an escape pod dropped them safely through the planet’s atmosphere. Now, they just need help getting off of the floating rock while they struggle to survive not only against their attackers but the very nature of this planet itself.

With a solid 2015 release date confirmed by Nintendo, Xenoblade Chronicles X is easily the most exciting game on the Wii U this year. Monolith Soft’s previous game was out of this world, both literally and in terms of quality, and we have no reason to believe that this will be any different. The game has a confirmed release date in Japan as April 29.