Need your Japanese RPG battle system fix for the day? Nintendo and Monolith Soft. have a new 30 minute trailer detailing the inner workings of their highly anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles X. Unfortunately, the direct explanations will be impenetrable to those who are not familiar with the Japanese language, but the images and drop dead amazing graphics should be strong enough to do all the talking.

Thank goodness too, because I can’t stand Xenoblade Chronicles X’s weird and creepy characters, and I don’t want to see them on screen talking too much. It’s those eyes! The beauty of Xenoblade Chronicles X clearly comes from its expansive environments and brilliant geography. Let’s hope it chews up enough of the scenery to force its characters into the background.

With any luck, we’ll be staring at the back of our main character’s head for much of the game.

The only character I genuinely like is that least that weird, egg-looking goofball. He looks like he’d make a good punching bag dangling from his curlycue hair, and I’m praying that becomes a mini-game at some point in the game’s expansive adventure.

Combat itself its very much based in the first game’s philosophy of putting everything on the screen at once. Range, timing, coordination with allies, and your main character’s attacks are all laid out in plain sight, granting easy access to the game’s depth. Your character looks to spend a lot of time switching between ranged fire-arms and a short range melee weapon depending on his distance, so be sure to remember balancing his or her growth.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released exclusively for the Wii U in 2015.

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