We first learned about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as one of the console’s highlights in the reveal presentation back in January. Nintendo made the bold claim that it would be released before the end of 2017, but those who know the size of developer Monolith Soft’s previous two Xenoblade RPGs and the delays that they saw were quick to call Nintendo out on the ambitiously early date.

Since then, we’ve seen nothing about the game in any capacity, and the Nintendo Direct presentation during E3 remains the most likely time to see it in some way.

Well, Nintendo is sticking to its story. The most recent financial report from the company states pretty clearly that the game is expected for a release in 2017, pushing back against all logic and expectations for a delay. Maybe Monolith Soft has been working on this title for a lot longer than we’ve thought, but even so, I don’t see this game being released on the Switch in its first year.

A Christmas miracle is inbound?

The previous two games were widely praised by Nintendo fans upon release, and the series is one of the few exclusive JRPGs that they can call their own. A lot is riding on this game to carry on that reputation, and you can bet that Nintendo and Monolith Soft are going to pour every last available day into making sure it’s up to standards.

Plus, Breath of the Wild has proven more than capable of keeping Nintendo up to speed with the Skyrims and the Witcher 3s of the world. Unlike the closing day of the Wii U when Xenoblade Chronicles X came out, Nintendo is not desperate for its own open world RPG at the moment.

If the game is available this coming Christmas, you can consider me stunned.