XCOM: Enemy Unknown (not the new sequel now coming next year, the original reboot from a few years back) has been rated by another ratings board for the PS Vita. This time around, the ESRB has rated XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus with an M for “blood and gore, strong language” and “violence.”

This isn’t the first time a ratings board has outed XCOM for the PS Vita. In fact, this same game was rated not too long ago by the Korean board as well. That was back on July 10 of this year.

The PS Vita version of the game, it seems, is all but confirmed. Ratings boards, especially the ESRB, are notorious for spoiling announcements. We haven’t heard official word of XCOM for the PS Vita yet, but we imagine 2K will be making the announcement public sometime soon.

Until then, what do you think? Is XCOM: Enemy Unknown, in its “Plus” edition no less, worthy of your time on the PS Vita?