I never thought I’d actually find international ratings boards for video games genuinely useful. Yet, here I am on nearly a weekly basis, writing up news of another game leaked thanks to one of these protective agencies.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus has shown up on the Korean Ratings Board. This title was submitted by Take Two, the parent company of 2K Games. That’s according to Gamespot‘s translation of the screenshot you see below. I don’t speak Korean, but I clearly see “XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus” followed by “PS Vita.”

XCOM - Enemy Unknown Plus - PS Vita - Korean Ratings Board

This could be absolutely nothing, of course. However, I will say that these rating boards have provided some pretty firm leaks and rumors over the last few years. If XCOM: Enemy Unkown is actually bound for the PS Vita, this is awesome news.

Stay tuned for more.