XCOM creator Julian Gollop, as in the original XCOM: UFO Defense and not the Fireaxis reboots, is getting back into game development with yet another strategy game for the PC.

Phoenix Point looks very similar to XCOM in its approach to the genre, tackling both skirmishes against aliens on foot as well as waging a planetary war through alliances and politics. Gallop is looking for $500,000 over at crowdfunding website Fig to secure enough to make the game a reality.

We have been working on Phoenix Point for a year, and we have a playable tactical battle system with great AI. We have started on the geoscape and large scale monsters. In order to realize our vision of a high quality, deep strategy game by the end of 2018 we need to expand our team. All the Fig funds will be used to build content and enhance the quality of the game.

This is Gallop's and his indie studio Snapshot Games' second crowd-funded game, the first being Chaos Reborn which was funded through Kickstarter.

XCOM was great before Fireaxis, too

Fireaxis did a splendid job getting the XCOM series back on its feet, but there really is nothing like diving into the original XCOM: UFO Defense and starting up a scuffle with the worst scum of the universe. Phoenix Point looks combines the best parts of both the originals and the reboots, and it does so with a violent vision that is much more frightening than Fireaxis' slick, clean approach.

As of writing, $324,424 has been raised, a full 64 percent of the total, and 42 days still remain. Be sure to check it out.