The Steam Controller is a strange beast. It has a weird form factor, but it’s more customizable than just about any controller to come before it. Reviews of it have been of the mind, mostly, that it’s neat, but tough to get used to. Part of that comes from the fact that its default configuration isn’t terribly well suited to most games. If you delve into the game-specific configs fans build, you can find something that’ll make it work swimmingly with quite a few games, but that means having to go digging and testing each time you pick up a new game.

Firaxis is looking to change that with the release of XCOM 2. Their latest turn-based strategy title supports the Steam Controller – and no others – out of the box. The developer is looking for community feedback on the configuration, but currently it allows for the following, per the game’s Steam page:

  • Use a different control scheme based on the in-game situation
  • Experience precise and responsive 1:1 camera controls using the touchpads in the Geoscape and the Tactical view
  • Instantly select your ability with the flexibility of the controller’s Touch Menus

If more developers start doing this, it could help the controller gain some traction and put up a fight against the more popular Xbox, PlayStation, and third party USB controllers floating around.

If this appeals to you, but you haven’t yet picked one up, Steam has a sale going on that pairs the controller and game at a 40 percent discount, and it is even available to those who pre-ordered the game through Steam.