Once a PC exclusive, Take-Two and Firaxis Games’ incredibly well received XCOM 2 has now been announced for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will hit the consoles on September 6, 2016, in North America and September 9 internationally. The press release indicated that the game will carry the standard $59.99 MSRP.

The porting work is being done by The Workshop, a subsidiary of Skydance Media. This company has done the work of bringing once PC exclusives to consoles before, and their previous efforts include Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and The Evil Within.

As someone who sunk a ton of hours into both XCOM: Enemy Within and XCOM 2, this is great news for console players. XCOM 2 is a heck of a game, and it’s incredibly well paced. If you dig strategy titles, you should check this one out.