In XCOM 2, the humans become the invaders on a version of earth taken over by aliens. Invaders need a mobile base, and that’s where the Avenger comes in.

Your HQ can fly now. It boasts all sorts of upgradeable stuff, spots to do research and areas to train and properly equip your troops. You can see all of that in action in the rather lengthy clip above.

The HQ in XCOM 2 will feature this really nice ant farm quality. You’re in charge, for sure, but the life that goes on in the HQ you’ve built up is interesting to watch as it operates on its own. hey, at least nerds like me get a kick out of that kind of stuff.

Unlike the last XCOM: Enemy Unknown that released on the 360, PS3 and PC, this one is only set for the PC. No other platforms have been announced. XCOM 2 will go on sale starting in November of this year.