Universal travel adapters are essential for international travel. Similar to a power bank or a good pair of shoes, it'd be a shame to end up in your destination without an adapter. Sure, you might be able to buy one where you're staying, but that's like exchanging money at the airport or hailing a luxury cab: a waste of money that only tourists fall for.

Prepare for any upcoming excursions with this Xcentz Universal Travel Adapter, which falls to just $8.99 at Amazon when you apply coupon code RL475SA7 during checkout. Usually, it sells for $13, and the reviews are positive so far. We've also never seen this particular version drop lower than today's price. Use Amazon Prime or spend at least $25 to avoid shipping fees. Note that this price is only valid on the blue color.

This adapter works in over 150 countries, so no matter which continent you're visiting, it'll probably be compatible. It's smaller than a credit card and super lightweight, too, so you can easily tote it around. It features two USB ports and a single travel plug so you can charge or power up to three devices at once, and there are built-in safeguards so nothing overheats or short circuits. Your purchase includes an 18-month warranty.

Of course, a travel adapter is one of several tech products that can make your life much easier overseas. Once you've placed your order, be sure to check out the best travel accessories on the market to ensure that your suitcase is properly packed!

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